Fighting Evil With Good

I am on vacation, recently graduated with my MFA and enjoying a road trip across America with my wife and three dogs, and as such, I do not want to think about the evils going on in the world . . .  and in my country. Later, I will listen, I’ll allow myself catch on the news. All this I have told my wife. But here I am, finding a few minutes of quietness and unable to shake the conviction that I must say something about the Charlottesville events. The easy thing to do would be to keep quiet. Those who know me, know where I stand (or I would like to think they do), but in several ways I have been reminded that to keep quiet is equally wrong and implicitly makes me just as guilty. So allow, if you will, to share my thoughts on what has happened.

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Thoughts On a Friend’s Passing

It’s Saturday morning, six o’clock, and I am at my desk. I need to work on my story, but I do not know what to say. I am at a loss for words. A friend I knew in college was shot five times two weeks ago responding to a report of shots fired. He survived. […]

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