Another Day, Another Year.

[tweetmeme] I feel some sort of apology is necessary to the few readers I have. This summer I have been pretty bad at blogging, and I am sorry. In May I moved into a cabin and have no internet; instead, making do by visiting coffee shops and bookstores. (Ironically, internet access is better accessible where I currently am: on the Toklat River in Denali NP. But more on that in a week or two).

Fairbanks, Alaska is different than most U.S. cities in that they cater to dry cabin living. For those who may not know, what I mean by dry is not alcohol free but rather absent of running water.

It seems that modern conveniences are actually not very convenient. Having to use the outhouse (or trees), filling up jugs, showering and doing laundry in town, these lifestyle changes have, and are, leading me to an interesting and freeing thought: simplicity. Some of these apparent “inconveniences” are actually making life simpler. I am no longer feeling tied to the internet. I check it occasionally for email mostly and I get tired of browsing after only a minute or two. But I do not feel as though I’m missing something. In fact, I almost forget the internet exists. And I like that.

It is hard to explain this freedom. Life slows down; becomes more enjoyable. It is like a huge burden is lifted from the shoulders of a weary traveler who has trudge hundreds of miles of rugged terrain under a needless weight of unnecessary but seemingly important gadgets designed to” make life easier” but it doesn’t and when the weight is lifted they sigh with relief falling weightless into a soft couch or chair.

Simplicity breeds rest; and rest is freedom.


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