Star Wars Day . . . Really?

Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens. It has been talked about for months. It has flooded conversations. People have cried for joy, camped out at theaters, tweeted their opinions, posted pictures of their tickets, and lost sleep over the most anticipated movie since . . .  since Star Wars IV entered the world. And now it is here. Finally. At last.

And it is all I seem to hear about.

I feel like Star Wars has stolen Christmas this year; and no one seems to care.

Why are looking forward to Star Wars more than Christmas? Or for that matter, why is it that we seem more excited about watching a movie that is only in 2 hours 16 minutes than about our Savior’s return? We do believe he’s coming back, right? Or maybe it’s the person of Christ we’ve grown apathetic too. And what of the verse in Revelation that says the Creator of the entire universe, who as existed from eternity to eternity, will leave his dwelling in the heavens to make his home with us!

Christmas is the celebration of the birth of our Savior, or so it used to be—I wonder now how much our culture thinks it a nice tradition, nothing more. This is also the advent season, and as we remember Christ’s birth, we look with anticipation toward his return. At least we should. However, it’s been so long since he said he would return, I wonder if anyone has stopped believing because of that. I mean, we as humans have been waiting two thousand years. How much longer can we be expected to wait?

I wonder, what would it look like if we took some of the excitement we have towards Star Wars directed that energy toward Christ?

I was starting to lose hope as I thought about all of this today. And then I heard a song on the radio and as I listened, I found hope once again. I forgot about Star Wars and all its hype and began worshiping my King, my Master, my Savior as I sang along (in the car) to the “Hallelujah Chorus” of Handle’s Messiah.

Merry Christmas.



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