Pujols: More than the Game -by Scott Lamb and Tim Ellsworth


In a game more than a century old and an iconic symbol of what America is, one the the greatest ballplayers ever to grace the field is Albert Pujols. From his childhood in the Dominican Republic to the Major Leagues, Pujols: More than the Game traces life and career of Albert both on and off the field, never shying from his source and motivation in life–Jesus Christ.

As biographies go, this book in okay, I guess. The chapters read more like journalism articles than a book (and Chapter one feeling more like an introduction). The book, despite not being very long, still managed to feel tedious about halfway through. The steroid chapter was particularly frustrating and boring (the authors here seemed to stress their point beyond what was necessary).The last chapter felt rushed. With all the statistical highlights mentioned in the book, I was surprised Lamb and Ellsworth did not mention anything about Albert’s 400th career home run.

But the biggest disappointment I had with the book was that I never got a clear picture of who Albert Pujols really is. The authors seemed to have forgotten one of the cardinal rules of writing (no pun intended): Show, don’t tell.

I do not know how many books have been written about Albert Pujols yet, but until I find a better one, this one is acceptable, I suppose.


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