Beyond Opinion: Living the Faith We Defend–Edited by Ravi Zacharias

[tweetmeme] Beyond Opinion: Living the Faith We Defend, edited by Ravi Zacharias is practical book addressing the major issues and challenges facing Christian faith. Each chapter explains not just the issues from different views and how to answer the challenges posed, but also sheds some insight into why  people challenge the Christian faith. The book further shows the reader the importance of answering the objections in a compassionate and loving manner as well as an intelligent one.

The book is well organized into different sections for easy use as a reference, as well as for a straight through read. For someone taking a class on apologetics, Beyond Opinion is an excellent text. Further, it is equally understandable and comprehensible for the lay person who may find themselves in a situation where they must defend their faith in a loving way.

I personally found this book challenging in a good way. It challenged me in the way I live, to live my life more intentionally for my God and to more intentionally imitate the one whom I am following: Jesus Christ. Understanding where other people are coming from further helps in lovingly sharing the gospel of truth to a lost and dying world. For what it is worth, I highly recommend this book to both Christians serious about living out their faith as well as non-Christians who have honest questions about God and the Christian faith.


This book was received  free from Thomas Nelson Publishers <> (FTC regulation 16 CFR, Part 255)


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