The Way Things Were Meant To Be

[tweetmeme] There are so many directions my life could have gone; so many direction it still can go. But it only went one direction, and it will only continue in one direction.

I would like to think I had a say in the path I took, and will take–am taking even now–but if I do have a say, it is a very little one at best. I know in my heart of hearts, in my soul, in the deepest regions of my being that cannot be seen except as an abstract thought, that one greater than me–far greater than my own comprehension–has been guiding my feet in a certain path. Even the choices I have made affecting the direction of my life have been influenced by the hand of the Almighty. Not that I am free from responsibility of those choices, but that those choices, good or bad, were part of the story laid out for my life. My choices did not come as a surpsrise .

As I tried to live my life for my King, I have sought his counsel often, trying to do the best I could, to make the right choices–choices that I hope would please Him. But if there is one thing I have learned over the years it is that the way things are is the way they were meant to be.


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