At the Cabin

This is an excerpt from my NaNoWriMo novel. I have left this unedited for one specific reason: I do not feel like editing it… nor do I have the time. That is all. I hope you enjoy it.

[tweetmeme] The kitchen and entry way had an old linoleum floor while the rest of the house was carpeted in an old (name or type of) carpet. It was gray from dirt and years, forever hiding its original color, which was probably something close to white.

The couches were old and springy, but comfortable. In one corner of the living room was a woodstove.

“Is there any heat besides the woodstove?” asked Tim.

“The oven,” said Cody. ‘But I’ll have to get the electricity and water turned on first.”

“How do you do that?” asked Rachel.

‘Out back is a power house (or whatever it’s called). The switches are back there.” Then he added, “I guess you guys can start bringing the stuff in. If someone wants to get the fire going, there’s some wood on front porch along with kindling. The rest of the wood, if you need it, is around the side of the cabin, but it might be wet.”

And so they all went about their business. Cody to the power house to turn the electricity and water on, Tim to the wood, and Becky, Rachel, and Steve to unload the Suburban.

“It’s so beautiful up here, don’t you think? Rachel asked.

“I am so excited about this weekend. It’s going to so fun,” Becky said.

“Aren’t you excited, Steve?” asked Rachel.

“Yeah. I’m excited,” said Steve. “This weekend will be a good break before finals.”

“Ugh. I’m not even going to think about school this weekend,” said Becky. “There’ll be enough time for that later.” Carrying a couple bags she turned and started walking towards the cabin.

“Did you ever think this day would come, though?” asked Rachel. “Remember it seemed like this day would never come?”

“I can take one more bag,” Steve said.

“Are you sure?”


Rachel handed him another bag and he awkwardly draped the strap around his neck.

“I remember,” Steve said. “This day couldn’t have come faster.”

“Are you sure that’s not too much to carry?” asked Rachel. “It looks heavy.”

“I can manage,” said Steve. “It one my philosophies in life to do things in as few trips as possible, no matter how awkward or difficult it may be.”

When they reached the cabin, Tim and Cody were working on a fire and seeming to be having very little luck with it. The stove was cold from not being used and getting a fire started was proving more difficult than anticipated. Mostly smoke was all they could muster, but they did have a small flame which they were nursing carefully.

Steve and Rachel set down the bags they were carrying. Becky came from one of the rooms and, seeing Steve with the bags he was carrying, asked, “Did you carry everything in at one time?”

“Almost,” Steve said. “If I had a third arm, I might have.”

“Is there anything left to bring in?” she asked.

“A little bit, but I can get it,” said Steve. And with that he turned and left.

Steve took his time with gathering the last of the gear. It was quiet outside and he enjoyed it. Staring across the small meadow to the little creek, he thought once again about his future. He had made plans for after college, what he would do, where he would go, but as of yet, he had not told anyone. The quietness of the mountains were always a good place to think. He had some reservations about his plans—should he do it? Or should he do something else? He knew he should tell someone, sometime. But he himself was not fully convinced yet. It would be somewhat risky to follow through with his plans, and because of that he hesitated. He would tell someone eventually, Steve reasoned with himself, but not until he was fully one hundred percent convinced in his own mind that he would go through with it.

Steve heard the screen door of the cabin bang shut as Rachel stepped off the porch.

“I thought I’d come and help you with the last little bit,” she said when Steve turned his head in her direction.

“Oh. Thanks,” said Steve.

Rachel could tell Steve was thinking about something. He was quiet, and perhaps that is what attracted her to him, but she was careful not to push herself too much on him. She had been told, and saw for herself, that he was also a free spirited person. Rachel also had a traditional idea when it came to dating and such. She thought it was a man’s responsibility to ask a woman out, not the other way around, and so she was careful not to force the issue with Steve. And besides, it really was not in her personality to do so.

But she could tell Steve was thinking about something.

“What are you thinking about?” she asked.

Steve was a little caught off guard by the question, but hid it well. “Oh nothing,” he said. “Just enjoying the scenery is all. It’s nice and quiet out here. And relaxing.”

“It is, isn’t it?” said Rachel. “I think I could live here forever.”

Steve smiled. He understood.

He handed the last few bags, mostly groceries, to Rachel and grabbed the cooler. Together they started walking back towards the cabin.


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