Winter’s On Its Way


I sat outside the other day eating lunch… and shivered. The air was cold and overcast. But it was not the typical fall cold. This was the end of fall, beginning of winter cold; it was the kind of cold that made you think of snow. It was only the first of September, but I was reminded winter is not far away, and perhaps is even closer than I’d like to admit.

Like all the other seasons, there are sings that leave clues when winter will arrive: the leaves turn yellow and red and orange and the trees begin dropping them; the geese begin migrating south; the air becomes colder and the morning crisper, and more frequently; and here in the north, the fireweeds begin seeding.

The signs are there if one takes notice.

As winter draws near, the sense of urgency quickens. The bears and squirrels feed more aggressively, non migratory birds molt our their summer feathers in exchange for thicker, warmer plumage, hares grow thicker fur, and people, too, can be seen gathering more firewood and buying more oil so they don’t run out when the weather is the coldest.

When winter comes, however, no knows exactly. The exact day cannot be predicted. It will simply come when it comes. What you do know is that it will come.

It is the same concerning Christ’s return. We don’t know the day nor the hour when he will come, but he will come when he comes, and we know he will come. There are signs which indicate his return, if we pay attention to them. They are, after all, in Scripture for a reason.

My question to you is this: Are you living your life with a sense of urgency—an urgency to do what the Father, the King, has called you to do, so that you can be ready for his return? Are you paying attention to the signs? Christ’s return may come sooner than we think. Let’s not be caught unprepared ( Matt. 25:1-13).


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