The Hole in Our Gospel by Richard Stearns


Perhaps you’ve wondered if God cares about the suffering people in our world. Or maybe you’ve wanted to do something for God but don’t know what, or even if you could. Or maybe you’ve always looked cynically upon the Christian faith wondering if there are any real Christians in the world and what a real Christian should be like. If so, then consider reading the this book.

With passion and honesty, Richard Stearns shares his own personal story of how God opened his eyes to the needs of the world and challenges the Church and individual Christians to live out the whole gospel. He shares some of his personal experiences of interaction among some of the world’s poorest people and how it has changed his life.

He ends the book by making a plea to get involved some way to help the poor and the marginalized.

Stearns shares some heart wrenching stories and appalling statistics, yet artfully avoids “guilt tripping” the reader into helping the poor, challenging and calling the reader to action instead. The appendices are equally beneficial. His writing is compelling, making the book hard to put down.

So whether you are searching after God’s will for your life or just trying to learn more about him, if you read this book with an open heart, don’t be surprised if it changes your life too.


This book was received  free from Thomas Nelson Publishers <> (FTC regulation 16 CFR, Part 255)


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