Like Characters in a Story


Read and study any good story and you will find certain elements that are the same in all of them. One of those elements specifically is obstacles. A good story will have the protagonist facing obstacles increasing in difficulty. As soon as one obstacle is overcome, he/she will face an even more difficult one. This routine will continue and build to the climax when the final obstacle, the most difficult one, is faced and the protagonist either triumphs or fails.

For a writer, this can be difficult sometimes, but it can also be fun. A writer can be merciless in the obstacles and trials they deal out to their characters with out a lot of worry. Writers can do this in comfort. The readers, as well, can read about it in comfort and ease, without too much stress and worry.

But what about when the trials and obstacles happen in real life? How do you view them? Do you see your circumstances the same way characters in books or movies see them? Do you see them as the World is against you? Or, now what am I going to do? Or, you just have to survive somehow? Do you worry and stress out?

Or, do you see yourself like a character in a movie or book? Do you see your life as a story and these obstacles are just there to make you a stronger person?

How you view life determines how you respond to circumstances beyond your control. I believe we are all part one Story, a story that began with God’s creation of the universe. When challenges in life come your way, if you have this perspective on life, you will realize that your problems are not the end of the world but rather provide you with opportunities to trust God and watch him work, watch him come through in the nick of time. Seeing life this way also makes it more exciting and more adventurous. And we all love a good adventure, right?


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