Frustrations in Planning

Okay. So I haven’t written hear in a little while. That means one of two things… maybe. Can’t think of any more than that… Anyway. It either means I’ve been busy writing the novel or the alternative: I’ve been avoiding it. Well, it’s sort of both and neither at the same time. But really that’s beside the point. I finished the outline, or at least a rough draft of it. And looking at it, I’m starting to wonder if I’ll be able to write enough to make a decent length book. I feel as though there is not enough to this story. It seems the more I look at what I got, that this story will be nothing more than maybe a 100 page novel, which is really more like a novella, but what ever. I want it to be closer to a 300 pager.

Part of me doesn’t want to continue with this. There’s no way I can do it. But still part of me says do. You know want to. I feel overwhelmed, even though the story outline I have seems so simple. It’s a case of contradictions I guess. But enough about how I feel.

In planning this story, and I have spent about 2 weeks or so planning it, two resources have been invaluable so far. The first is my brother. It’s always good to have someone who is critical and understands good storytelling to bounce ideas off of. The second has been, and still is, the book “The Anatomy of the Story” by John Truby. Of course, in reading his book, I have spent more time planning my novel than I really wanted to, but I already seeing that is necessary.

The steps so far that I think are important in this pre-planning stage are 1)to come up with a good premise. And reading the Bible can help out a lot, as was the case with me. 2) make a list of story events and then order them chronologically. What I found helped with this was writing down all the events, and then rewriting them onto note cards, one event per card, and editing them. It them became easier for me to order them and they also provided a resource to outline my story.

And that is where I am at with my novel. My next step then, is to put all my fears behind me and start writing. That’s the only way to find out if I can actually do this.


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