My March Is Commencing

The several days I was out in the mountains camping and fishing and hiking and having a blast. On the drive home, as we (we meaning my family and I) drove through a small mountain town, an idea for a novel popped into my head. I have no idea where it came from, and really it’s just an idea for a scene or opening to a novel. I started doing some basic research on this story thought and realized that it is actually quite plausable… from an historical perspective. I continued my internet research and made a few more little discoveries that only confirmed, at least in my mind, the validity of this new story. I had thought of just finishing a story western story I started last November, but now I’m thinking of pursuing this new idea.

Also, I started making a list of sorts for structuring this novel to help me stay focused. Here’s what I have so far (the red is, of course, the most important in getting this novel finished):

Final Book Length: 50,000-70,000 words
Chapter lengths: 5-10 pages (single spaced)
Scenes per chapter: 3-5 scenes
Pages per scene: 2½-3½ pages
Total Pages: 100-140 (single spaced)
Approx Words/page: 500
Days to complete novel (avg. 3 pg/day): 33-47
Days to complete novel (avg. 1 pg/day): 100-140
Total time to complete novel: 1-1½ months to 3 ½-5 months
Daily Goal: 1 page
Weekly Goal: 6 pages
Monthly Goal: 25 pages

Central idea: ?
Theme (general subject): ?

I’m still working on figuring out what the central idea and theme of the novel is (is the central idea and the theme the same thing or are they different?)

Anyway, that’s where I stand so far…


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