So I’ve had some trouble finding a job. And not having a job creates, among several things, boredom. And so to combat this ‘boredom’ I decided to pick up a new hobby, at which I have undertaken at my leisure. (I mean leisure because the project that should have taken at most a week, was completed in about 3 or 4 months). Anyway, the hobby is wood working. And my first project: a bookcase. And it is finally finished. Here are a couple of pictures, one an empty bookcase, the other filled with books. I built it out of pine and used an amber shellac finish. If I ever use a shellac finish again, I am going to use a spray finish… and I’m not going to try applying it when it is 95 degrees. (Or at least next time I’ll try to do more research and studying on how best to apply a finish–I’ve got a lot to learn still.)

The bookcase is a far cry from perfection, I know, but it works, and that’s the point. Okay. Enough rambling. I’m done.


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