Day 30

HA!  You didn’t think would make it did you?  And yet, here I am.  An official winner again.  At 50,137 words, though, I strangely don’t feel like I have hardly written anything as far as my story goes.  I wrote 50K words but am not even halfway through with my book.  But for some reason, I feel like I wrote 50k words of nothing, of rambling.  This could mean only two things I can think of.  1.) I did write 50k words of nothing, just nonsensical, meaninglessness, or 2.) this story is going to turn out to be much bigger and longer than I had ever really imagined it.    I guess only time will tell, as they cliche goes.   In the meantime, I still need a title, so anyone out there with any suggestions?  I will leave the few story posts up that I have for a little while but at some unnounced time I will remove them until the story is finished, and, maybe?  hopefully? someday published?

Anyway, here is the cool logo… Enjoy.


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