Day 17

Yes, I’m still behind… and struggling.  I am currently at 12,665 words.  There’s still time though.  

I am finding it difficult to write, however.  Part of is less motivated than last year because I reached the 5ok word goal.  Why do I need to do it again?  Another part of me is having a difficult time writing because I simply have too much time (I don’t have a job at this point. But hopefully I can get one soon).  And still another part of me finds the struggle increasing the further and further I get behind.  If I could just have one or two REALLY good days, maybe then I’d feel like I’m back in this thing.
But perhaps the biggest challenge and the reason I am struggling so much, is because I am really just making this story up as I go.  I came into this thing with an idea of what the story was about and how it would all work out, and I came into this writing challenge with just two goals: 2000 words a day, and to have the story finished by the end of the month.  Other than that, I didn’t really have a plan.  
Maybe what I need to do to get back in this, is first sit down and make an outline of sorts, even it is only a very rough outline.  Yes.  That is what I will do.  It is quarter to 11 at night right now.  So before I head off to bed, I am going to write that rough outline.  Then tomorrow, I try to get cracking on it.
If I learn only one lesson this whole month, it is this:  It extremely difficult, if not impossible, to accomplish a goal without having any sort of plan.  
That is all.   Goodnight.

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