Day 8

Okay okay.  So I’m still behind.  But I did make some accomplishments, mainly finishing the first part of the story.  As I was nearing the end of this first part, or this first chapter, or prolouge, whatever you want to call it, all of a sudden I was faced with an unusual dilema.  Should I continue with the story idea I had originally? Or should I just switch completely to a western?  I could probably switch to a western genre story, tell this story, and reach the 50k word mark.  It wouldn’t be easy, but where I am right now in that story and where I word count is, I think I could do.  

But that doesn’t matter because I decided to stick with my original idea.  It should make this whole novel in a month easier anyway.  When I get stuck or bored writing one part, I can switch to something else, i.e. another part of the story.  All editing will be done later, after this month is over.
Speaking of word counts, I am currently at 7,462 words.  The minimun daily average should be at around 13,300 words and my personal daily average goal should have me at 16,000 words.  That means I’m about 5800 to 8500 words behind.  
Now I had planned on staying up all night tonight writing so I could get caught up.  But the first part of the story came to an end that made it easy to move to the main part of the story.  However, this has also made it rather difficult to continue tonight.  It’s not good writing when you’re tired.  Tonight, I’ll get some rest.  I should feel refreshed tomorrow to start typing, and since I’m starting on a new part of the story, that should help me in my feeling refreshed.  
Well, I guess that is all. I have rambled long enough.  I would post some more of the story, but I might give to much of the story away before it is finished. And I certainly don’t want to do that.  So good night all.  
P.S. By the way, watching TV, especially a good western, is not necessarily a good idea when trying to write.  

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