This blog has been in acoma for quite some time now.  Nearly a year.  Well, rejoice everyone for the blog has come out of acoma.  And here’s why:

I am doing it again.  NaNoWriMo ’08.  This time I  will periodically post segments of the novel on this blog. 

It’s Nov 3 already and I haven’t started. I just got a little delayed in the that. 
My personal goal is 2,000 words/day.  That means I am 4,000 words behind schedule. No worries.   I will be caught up in no time.  
My biggest problem right now is whether to make the sup plot the main plot or keep it as the sub plot.  Maybe I will make it the main plot and see if a sub plot develops.  Yes. That is what I will do.  Afterall, writing a novel is an adventure in and of itself.
Oh. And I need a title.  Suggestions anyone?  The book is about a family who moves to the country.  As the kids explore the area, they make some discoveries that plunge them into an adventure they never dreamed of.  
But enough of this entry.  I must get started writing.  
And here are a couple websites to periodically check out if you want:

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